The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Home Weather Station

This is an independent review of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Home Weather Station based on actual customer input rather than manufacturer input.

The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Home Weather Station can help you plan a day in the garden, a beach trip, or any other family outing. The monitor receives wireless input from external sensors. The weather forecast for up to 24 hours is based on prevailing conditions and is suitable for weather forecasts within a 30-mile radius of your home.

At the very top of the screen you can clearly see the clouds, the sun or a combination of both. The icon indicates clear, partly cloudy, cloudy, or rainy and includes measurements for temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure trends.

The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Weather Station also reports overall outdoor comfort, heat index, and high and low temperatures. If the weather turns cold and wet, an ice warning will also be displayed. Using the included remote sensor, you can view individual weather conditions up to 100 feet away. This is a great feature if you have a wine cellar, greenhouse or photo lab that needs to monitor the temperature.

The atomic clock updates automatically and is set to daylight saving time, so you will never be found without going back or forward an hour. The really flexible part of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station is the ability to add up to three additional sensors. The device has a sleek, stylish black housing with a size of 5 x 7 and comes with a standard Oregon Scientific 1 year warranty.


  1. The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station has a large, clear display that is easy to read.
  2. The device simultaneously displays indoor and outdoor conditions of temperature and humidity, as well as outdoor measurements of relative humidity, air pressure trends and forecasts.
  3. The first installation is quick and easy.
  4. It can handle up to 3 additional sensors for monitoring other rooms, greenhouses, etc.
    The transmission range is up to 100 meters.


  1. It may take a day or two for atomic clocks to synchronize.
  2. You will need a very small flat head screwdriver to install the triple-A battery (not included).

This wireless home weather station is suitable for:

  1. People who plan a lot of outdoor activities and like to be prepared will love it.
  2. Greenhouse and greenhouse owners, wineries and photographers who require constant temperature monitoring will find this essential.
  3. Beginner weather enthusiasts will love its simplicity.
  4. Those who want hands-free, reliable weather updates and forecasts at a glance, but don’t have to do anything, will love the ease of use.
  5. Weather enthusiasts who like to haggle will love the price of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Home Weather Station.

 The Ambient Weather WS-2080 Home Weather Station

This is an independent assessment of the WS-2080 ambient weather home weather station based on actual customer input (not manufacturer input).

Ambient Weather WS-2080 is another great home weather station from Ambient Weather. It is compact, easy and quick to install and delivers excellent performance at a price that is 30% to 40% lower than the competition.

Ambient Weather WS 2080 measures wind direction and speed, wind chill, dew point, indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, air pressure and rainfall, providing weather enthusiasts with a wide range of the latest weather details and educated weather forecasts in the comfort and safety of your home. provided to you in real time. Updates are instant, so you can stay on top of the ever-changing situations that can affect your life.

Ambient Weather WS-2080 has a portable console that can display a variety of programmable parameters on a backlit LCD display. The display is easy to read and can be wall mounted, fitted with a desk stand or can be moved to any range of the position sensors are worn. an external array. You can access the weather station readings from any computer in the world by connecting to the internet for 5 minutes via the USB port and via the included Windows software. This makes planning your trip home more fun and gives you the information you need to make important travel decisions.

Program visual and audible alarms, store information in graphical format on your computer and share your findings online with other weather enthusiasts and friends. The device has a full 1 year warranty for all manufacturing defects.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • 30% to 40% lower than the cost of comparable home weather stations
  • Access from any computer with internet access internet
  • Rain gauge accurate to 1/100 inch
  • Ability to configure more advanced features from your PC
  • Transmission range up to 330 feet


Ambient weather WS-2080 must have a complete air duct for the rain gauge to display accurate readings
Requires a double A battery (not included)

This wireless home weather station is suitable for:

  • Outdoorsmen, hunters or fishermen who need to plan ahead
  • Lovers of starting weather
  • Senior weather enthusiast is not satisfied with her current weather station
  • Weather enthusiasts or travelers who want to know the latest weather conditions, but don’t want to spend a lot of money
  • Consumers who want to access the current status of their home base from any computer in the world

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